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Are You In Love With What You Do?

February 3rd, 2009 3:33 PM by Caren McCourt-Crane

By now, everyone has thrown away their New Year's resolution and those who were actually going to take action on theirs - have.

Sometimes, it's more than just procrastination keeping us from completing those New Year's list of changes, adjustments and better behavior.  Sometimes, it's because we're not really "in the right place" or "in the right space" to make any of our 'want to's' and dream become reality.

It's often said that "even negative people repel other negativ people".  Is is that way for you? Are you in a place where the negativity drowns and attacks you the moment you walk in the door?  Do you dread going to the office? Do you look for excuses to do "something else"?

It's hard to get away from all of the discussion of "poor economies" and "recession" and it's easy for someone to get caught up in it that they feel helpless and hopeless.  Keep in mind that these are the moments when people of action - TAKE ACTION!  They make the necessary changes in their lives that will make the extra difference for them to reach success.


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Posted by Caren McCourt-Crane on February 3rd, 2009 3:33 PM



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