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We are a turnkey company.  We help determine the price, get the house ready, market the house, show it, lease it, execute the lease, interface with the resident, handle any maintenance items, etc.  Our niche market residents are WELL qualified to own a home, but do not choose to purchase currently because of various personal reasons.  We run a nationwide Credit and Criminal report and they don’t move into anything I manage unless I can tell that they have a long history of honoring their obligations.  In addition, I use a strong lease that has excellent provisions, including good liability protection for the owner.  We don’t use the free TAR lease, nor anything from an office supply store. 


During the pandemic and the eviction moratorium we had ZERO residents living in our homes without paying rent.  None of the owners had to worry about how long it would be before the government allowed evictions again.  In fact, since the beginning of McCourt Property Management in 2002, we have not ever had to take a resident to eviction court. We take good care of your home.  


Property Management is my core skill set, as you will see as you read through my information.  I do not “dabble” in it; it’s not a part time affair.  I keep up to date on the newest trends in risk management, and I respond immediately to the changes in the law that occur with each new legislative session.  This is important and is one of the primary differences between McCourt and a part-timer.  We are very good.  If you look at the lower part of the letter you will see that we won the Reader’s Choice Gold Award for Property Management for the past three years, which is just about the amount of time they have had a contest for PM. 


We send your owner draw electronically each month.  That gives a whole new dimension to the term “mailbox money”, because now you don’t even have to go to your mailbox or take the check to the bank.  You have access to your client portal 24/7.  You receive an email that advises you that “You Have Money”, and it is deposited electronically to your account.  Of course, if you don’t desire this, I can still mail your funds.  We cut checks between the 5th and the 10th of each month. 


Our management fee is 10% of the income of the property.  Almost all managers will give you 90% of your rent, as do I, but with other management companies you get Zero Percent of any other income.  That is not my way.  My residents very seldom ever pay late, but if they do, there is a late fee, and 90% of that money is yours. If a resident is transferred before the lease expires there would be various charges and fees assessed to them.  Ninety percent of that money is yours, too.  I don't think that the property manager should be rewarded for leasing to someone with less than stellar history by being paid 100% of any late fees or lease-breaking fees. At the very least it feels like a potential conflict of interest, and I just don't do it.


When we lease your home to a resident,  we charge you a leasing fee of 50% of one month rent, which is much less than you see in Dallas and other cities.  That amount is split with the other Broker if another Broker brings us the winning applicant.  We list the home on the Multiple Listing Service so that all the agents in the entire Area will assist in showing your home.  We also put it on our website, Zillow, Trulia, YouTube, and many others, which generate several requests for rentals each day of the year every year.   We use virtual tours so that people from everywhere can “see” the home.  Here is a link to a virtual tour of a property we manage: .  It’s been leased to the same residents for over four years.  They still pay $3900 per month.   (Yes, even now!) 

Four Bedroom 3 bath, 3 car oversize garage! Wonderful Home Built in 2014 by Houston Chalmers Homes. Has all the amenities you could desire! Gracious rooms with elevated ceilings and lovely tile flooring, fully equipped kitchen which looks out over the extended family area, which has enough room for several conversation areas. If you need
 Of course you can understand why, it is a LOVELY home!

If we do maintenance, we charge a 15% fee on the work because of the difficulty and expense of wrangling contractors.  However, we get substantial discounts on paint, carpet, appliances, HVAC units, etc., so that we can save you a great deal of money, even after the 15% maintenance fee.  We have been in business quite some time, and we have always dealt honestly and fairly with vendors.  As a result, and due to our excellent credit rating, the prices we are charged are usually much less than what you would pay.  Most property management companies will invoice you for work done, and you will never know what the work actually cost.  You will be paying a markup to anyone who takes care of your maintenance, but we make our process very transparent.   If you want to know more about this, let me know.  


That’s it.  It’s straightforward from your end.  Tell your insurance company you are hiring a CPM (Certified Property Manager).  They like that because we are good at-risk management and that reduces their potential for claims.  And no, most of my owners don’t care anything about being able to see their account 24/7, but they do get a kick out of the automated money.  <grin> 


If you have not leased out a property before you will have other questions which I will be glad to answer.  I look forward to speaking with you soon. If you are not in the immediate area, we can certainly set up a video conference on Zoom or Facetime at your convenience. We can meet or talk at your convenience.  




Thanks again for the visit.  Let us know when you want more information!


Caren McCourt-Crane

McCourt Real Estate Services

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