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Realtors (and many others) Make Mistakes in Facebook

July 31st, 2009 2:35 PM by Caren McCourt-Crane

Everyone, it seems, has jumped onto the Facebook craze. After all, who can miss out on the over 250 million people there.  Anyone with a website would be dense not to go where the people are - no better way to make connections and gain traffic to your site and listings.

Yet, there are many who do it wrong. First, they try to make their agency or association a "person" by typing in the first word of their company under "first name" and so on.  Not only is it a waste it's in violation of Facebook's terms of service so they can delete you (and your many contacts) at any time.

Second, they don't use the Facebook business pages they use groups.  Groups have limitations and I'd like to know who at their company or agency is going to make the decision as to "who is in and who is out" when they reach their limits.

Lastly, you don't get the great demographic info that Facebook business pages freely provide.

It's one of those things I call a no-brainer.

Yet, in a time and town, when there are still agents who email blast (spam!) everyone under the sun - it's no wonder that mastering Facebook is elusive to them.

Now, here's someone who is doing this well and I'm sharing with you part of the blog post and the link from theKBuzz....

So when my wife and I recently bought a house and needed to sell our current home, I turned to the first logical choice: Facebook! Now my wife wanted to get a realtor, and so we do have one in reserve. I have nothing against realtors - in fact, we’re happy to have not only friends who are realtors but clients. I just figured, we talk about how useful Facebook is for so many organizations and situations, why not try it to sell our house?

So, we set up a Fan Page 2 days ago - and used easy Facebook Notes to explain all about the house and area, uploaded lots of photos of the house and videos of the house, and used Facebook Events to create an open house for this weekend. I invited my friends to fan the Page, and took out separate, hypertargeted Facebook ads targeting young NYC couples and also folks 64+, because our community and house is perfectly suited for both. We quickly got to 100 fans and reserved a vanity URL, so now people can easily spread the word by sending their friends to Finally, I offered an incentive of $2,000 to anyone on Facebook who refers a friend who ends up buying the house. This move, while definitely increasing virality of the Page, may bring up some legal issues, so I quickly changed the offer to include a $2,000 donation to the referrer’s favorite non-profit.

For the rest of the story, visit here:

What's so good for Realtors in West Texas is that we "do Facebook right" (along with many other marketing practices) so you get the most pleasure and profit for you and your clients.

If you ever want to talk to an upbeat, web savvy, networking, people focused agency - stop on by!

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Posted by Caren McCourt-Crane on July 31st, 2009 2:35 PM

Thanks for the advice, always wanted to know which one is better for my business, so I will create both a business page and group for advices.
Posted by Jay Redding, Real Estate Investment Consultant on October 11th, 2010 7:53 PM



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