Our Investing Services

McCourt Management offers consulting services to owners or those seeking to purchase investment property in the Permian Basin.

Our up-to-date market research ensures that your property can be priced in a manner that is competitive, while still realizing the maximum income possible.

We help you locate properties that are in line with your investment goals. We are very familiar with the Midland/Odessa market and are prepared to help you acquire property with the greatest upside potential for you.

We can advise you on improvements needed in order to maximize your profits. We can devise a budget for the property, so that you know what to expect.

If you currently own a property, you may require our services in making decisions about capital improvements which will most benefit your property. We can assist you in getting bids, and contracting and supervising the work so that you are confident of the quality of the work, and that you have received the best value for your money on any project.