When I bought my first home I was so excited! I loved it. In fact, I used my very first bonus check to buy a new chandelier for the dining room! A few years later when I moved away and turned it into a rental property, it became more to me than Just a home; it became an ASSET.

An asset is not like a car or a dress or a new set of headphones; an asset APPRECIATES. Instead of gradually becoming worthless, a home will spend many many years increasing in value.

Now, in order to make the best of this, you want excellent residents. Great residents take care of your home, just as you would. They care about it, because that's just the kind of folks they are. They have great credit, because they honor their obligations. Chances are good that they actually own a home of their own in another city. That is often our experience when we meet our residents. They may have been transferred here and have left their own home to be managed in Houston or Denver. They understand that they need to treat your property gently, as they would treat their own home. They get it.

These residents will gladly pay their rent on time, just as they said that they would. They will mow the law and water your trees, because they agreed to do so in the lease. They are great residents! At McCourt Property Management we specialize in finding super residents to live in your home and your asset. We will take care of them, so that they want to stay, too!

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