You are being transferred away from Midland. Or you have found the home of your dreams. But your original home hasn’t sold yet. You don’t want to sell it at a discount, but you don’t enjoy making two mortgage payments, either….

Have you considered the tax advantages and the positive cash flow that you can enjoy if you rent that home instead of selling?

If your property is carefully managed, you can prosper in any market. We started in property management in 1986, at the bottom of a bust much worse than this one. When you learn and grow during the lean times, the good times are a bonus, but not necessary.

A property management professional can make all the difference. A professional make-ready means that good potential residents will be more attracted to your home, and will be willing to pay a higher rent. It also means that the resident you lease to will respect your property and treat it as though it belongs to him. Proper screening to be sure that the resident is qualified to live in your house means that it will be well cared for. If the people taking care of your property are good to your residents, they will want to move in and stay at your property. If the property manager is also strong and knowledgeable you will be glad for those residents to stay!

And at the end of the year, you will like the tax implications….. And in a few years, you will notice that your residents are paying down your mortgage.

McCourt Real Estate has specialty skills in property management.

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