Vacant homes must be leased, as quickly as possible. Skillful leasing results in fewer dollars of lost rent and increased income for you.

Although the market is growing hot for rental property in Midland TX, that hasn't always been the case. But if your investment choices are sound, and your property is carefully managed, you can prosper in any market. Caren started in property management in 1986, at the bottom of the bust. When you learn and grow during the lean times, the good times are a bonus, but not necessary.

A property management professional can make all the difference. If the person who is leasing your property is warm, enthusiastic, and professional, people will want to move in and stay at your property.

These same skills are invaluable when it is time for the residents to renew the lease. If they have been treated well, and good care has been taken of them, they are likely to stay with you much longer. This will decrease your turnover expenses and lost rent, and steadily increase your income and bottom line.

McCourt Real Estate has specialty skills in property management. Caren is a CPM, Certified Property Manager, a designation awarded by IREM - the Institute of Real Estate Management to a very few individuals who master the course work and attain the experience, while living up to the ethics required. This extra education and experience will put more dollars in your pocket and increase the appreciation of your asset.