Renting out a property in Midland can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both landlords and tenants, but it also comes with certain responsibilities. Proper maintenance of the rental property is crucial to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable living environment.

As a rental property owner, make sure that you understand the key aspects of maintaining your rental property, including your legal responsibility to provide a habitable dwelling place to your tenants. Also, you need to know your tenants’ responsibilities in taking care of the property so you can include them in your lease agreement.

Keep reading to learn more about landlord and tenant maintenance responsibilities from the team at McCourt Real Estate & Property Management.

Landlord’s Property Maintenance Responsibilities

Landlords are obligated to ensure that their rental properties meet the habitability and safety standards set by their state and local government. Here are your legal responsibilities when it comes to property maintenance:

1. Structural Maintenance

Landlords are primarily responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the property. This includes the roof, foundation, walls, and overall safety of the building. Regular inspections and necessary repairs should be carried out to prevent structural issues from escalating.

2. Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that plumbing and electrical systems are in good working condition. Regular checks for leaks, faulty wiring, or plumbing issues are essential. Promptly address any problems that may arise to avoid inconveniencing tenants and potential property damage.

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3. Safety Measures

Providing a safe living environment is crucial. Landlords should install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers as required by local laws.

4. Heating and Cooling Systems

In regions with extreme weather conditions, like Texas, landlords must maintain heating and cooling systems in good working order. This includes servicing furnaces and air conditioning units, and ensuring proper insulation to conserve energy.

5. Appliance Maintenance

If the property includes appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, or dishwashers, landlords should ensure they are in working condition. Repairs or replacements should be made promptly when appliances malfunction.

6. Running Water

Landlords are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and consistent supply of running water in the rental property. This includes addressing any issues related to water leaks, plumbing malfunctions, or disruptions in water service promptly. Access to clean and potable water is a fundamental requirement for a habitable living environment.

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Tenant Property Maintenance Responsibilities

Property maintenance is a mutual responsibility of both landlords and renters. Your tenants are also obligated to take care of the rental unit while they are staying there. Make sure that your tenants understand their obligations, including:

1. General Maintenance

Tenants are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and general upkeep of the rental unit. This includes routine cleaning, such as sweeping, mopping, and keeping the premises free of clutter.

2. Reporting Repairs

Tenants should promptly report any necessary repairs or maintenance issues to the landlord. This includes plumbing leaks, electrical problems, or any other issues that could affect the property's safety or habitability.

3. Appliance Care

Tenants should use appliances responsibly and report any malfunctions right away. Regular cleaning of appliances like ovens and refrigerators is also expected.

4. Yard and Outdoor Areas

If the rental property includes outdoor spaces, such as a yard or balcony, tenants are typically responsible for their maintenance, including mowing the lawn and keeping the area clean. They should also water grass, trees and shrubs, as well as replace any sprinkler heads that fall off.

5. Preventing Damage

Tenants should take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to the property. This includes not causing intentional damage, avoiding excessive wear and tear, and following the terms of the lease agreement.

6. Mold Growth Prevention

Tenants should be proactive in preventing mold growth within the rental unit. This includes proper ventilation, promptly reporting any water leaks or moisture issues, and promptly addressing any signs of mold growth.

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7. Keeping Units Free from Sanitary and Safety Hazards

Tenants are responsible for maintaining a safe and sanitary living environment. This involves regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of debris or hazardous materials that could pose health or safety risks.

Additional Maintenance Opportunities

Seasonal Maintenance

Beyond the routine maintenance responsibilities outlined earlier, both landlords and tenants can benefit from doing seasonal maintenance to ensure the property remains in good condition throughout the year. Cutting grass, raking leaves, and cleaning out the gutters are a few ways to maintain your property depending on the season.

Report Problems Immediately

To prevent damages from becoming more serious and costly to fix, tenants should be encouraged to report any maintenance issues as soon as they discover any. If they report issues immediately, you can attend to them as soon as possible.


Maintaining a rental property is a shared responsibility between landlords and tenants. Understanding these responsibilities and legal obligations is essential for a harmonious and successful rental experience.

By keeping the property in good condition and promptly addressing maintenance issues, both landlords and tenants can ensure a positive living experience. As a landlord, you will benefit from a well-maintained property, because it will contribute to better tenant retention and higher rent value.

When in doubt, it’s better to work with a reputable property management company in your area. McCourt Real Estate & Property Management is the top service provider in Midland, Texas. If you have more questions, please contact us today!